All soldiers in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve must take a physical fitness test used to assess muscular endurance and cardio respiratory fitness.  A soldier’s performance in this test is strongly linked to his or her ability to do fitness-related tasks and is a crucial part in determining the readiness of a soldier to serve the country.  Professional Health Services, one of the nation’s most respected health testing and wellness program providers, is proud to be one of the National Guard’s preferred administrators of these “fitness for duty” tests.

Professional Health Services currently delivers compliance health testing and fitness for duty programs to the following National Guards across the country:

  • Florida Army National Guard
  • Georgia Army National Guard
  • Kansas Army National Guard
  • Kentucky Army National Guard
  • Maryland Army National Guard
  • Missouri Army National Guard
  • Nebraska Army National Guard
  • New Mexico Army National Guard
  • New York Army National Guard
  • North Carolina Army National Guard
  • Pennsylvania Army National Guard
  • South Carolina Army National Guard
  • Utah Army National Guard
  • Vermont Army National Guard
  • Wyoming Army National Guard

Michael Kleinman, President and CEO of Havertown, PA based Professional Health Services, notes, “We are so proud to be able to serve the men and women who protect our country.  Our health testing programs help ensure the wellness and physical fitness of our army reserves – truly making sure that the men and women of the National Guard are ‘always ready, always there’ when called upon.  With the demands of training and other stressors that soldiers face, it’s good to know that our soldiers all meet minimum health and fitness requirements.”

About Professional Health Services (PHS) 

PHS provides a variety of healthcare delivery solutions and unique programs designed to meet compliance and wellness needs.  The Company’s own mobile testing units travel to clients’ individual locations, making scheduling and logistics simple.  Regardless if the program is to satisfy regulatory compliance or a wellness initative, their Program Designers work with clients to create unique programs matching their exact needs.  The secure, HIPAA-compliant reporting provided by PHS goes above and beyond what clients expect.