In Light of National Deaf History Month, Professional Health Services is Doing Their Part to Raise Awareness

Noise surrounds us at home, in the car, as we’re entertained and at work – even while we sleep.  It’s no wonder why noise is one of the most pervasive health hazards found in our daily lives.  For individuals that work in environments with high noise levels, the negative effects on their hearing are deafening.

For Professional Health Services (PHS), a PA-based firm specializing in delivering compliance-based health testing, hearing conservation and wellness programs to private industry, government agencies, and municipalities throughout the U.S., hearing conservation is top of mind.

“Hearing conservation is a major concern for organizations with factories, construction sites, drilling, and similar noise-induced environments,” explained Michael Kleinman, ceo of PHS.  “The wellness or human resources departments of these companies need to be made more aware of the dangers when special attention isn’t paid to conserving the hearing of their workforce.”

PHS is working with more and more companies each day to send their troops of qualified personnel to clients’ worksites to test their employees’ hearing.  Tests such as audiometric testing and hearing conservation training are administered by the PHS staff.  Their teams of professionals travel to client sites around the country in tractor trailer-sized mobile testing units, housing all of the state-of-the-art equipment needed to administer the tests and training for their clients.

“We’re a clinic on wheels,” explained Kleinman.  “Our clients love it because their employees don’t have to leave the workplace and travel offsite to get tested.  They can get it all done inside our mobile units, which are parked right outside of their building.  It reduces downtime, overtime and makes it easier for those managing the programs to ensure everyone is tested all at once.”

About Professional Health Services (PHS) 

PHS provides a variety of healthcare delivery solutions and unique programs designed to meet compliance and wellness needs.  The Company’s own mobile testing units travel to clients’ individual locations, making scheduling and logistics simple.  Regardless if the program is to satisfy regulatory compliance or a wellness initative, their Program Designers work with clients to create unique programs matching their exact needs.  The secure, HIPAA-compliant reporting provided by PHS goes above and beyond what clients expect.