We Are Professional Health Services, Inc. (PHS)
Your Mobile Health Testing and Wellness Screening Partner

Find or design the exact health testing solution you need through a level of convenience
and comprehensive customer service unmatched in our field.

Our team of sales and operations specialists have decades of experience working with customers to provide onsite health testing solutions that not only meet, but exceed their needs and requirements. As a result, we have quickly risen as a top nationwide provider of mobile health screenings and testing. We work closely with businesses, private industries, state and federal government agencies, and municipalities to deliver testing solutions on their terms, not ours. That is why we are one of the nation’s leading providers of mobile health testing programs and services.

Services We Offer

To give our clients the absolute best reporting and outcomes, we designed our own proprietary reporting platform from the ground up. Ownership of this platform means we can easily retool the way information is captured and reported to meet the unique needs of your business environment, regulatory demands, or management goals. 
All test results and historical information are captured within a proprietary and secure, HIPAA-compliant data management system. At the completion of testing and data processing, each employee participant receives a comprehensive medical report that tracks trends in their health testing results from test period to test period helping them to manage their personal health and wellness.  Management personnel only receive the information needed to manage their regulatory compliance reporting and internal occupational health activities and to keep sensitive health information secure, private, and compliant with HIPPA regulations.

Your employees receive their specified and required testing, on one of our custom-designed and constructed mobile health testing units. With mobile units and staff strategically positioned throughout any region of the continental U.S., we can quickly respond to your testing needs with highly trained and certified personnel who are trained to provide quality services in a friendly and warm environment to insure a positive experience for your employees.

Having your employees tested and screened for health problems can lead to lots of headaches. Get the relief you need with PHS Mobile Health Solutions. We come to you for testing, no matter where and when you need us, with our state-of-the-art mobile health testing units and staff. Conduct employee health testing on-site at work, hold a wellness program at your facility, or schedule us at a company event anywhere in the continental U.S. — we do whatever we can to make life more convenient for you!