Frequently Asked Questions

Want to know something about our services or mobile screenings in general? We can answer your questions here.

What services can PHS provide?

PHS provides an array of both regulatory medical compliance programs and wellness programs which include, but are not limited to: on-site hearing testing, respiratory protection, hazmat surveillance, annual physicals, lifestyle assessment, fitness assessments and cholesterol screenings.

Since PHS is on-site for a short period of time, how do you handle missed or make-up testing of employees?

PHS will coordinate with your local medical provider in order to tie in the clinic management piece and create a turn-key program that will integrate all record keeping into our data management system.

How does PHS handle my company’s shift schedules when on-site?

PHS understands the importance of maintaining production schedules in a manufacturing operation. Therefore, PHS will test around the clock in order to meet your shift requirements.

Can PHS integrate past/historical/baseline data into your reporting?

Yes. PHS provides sophisticated information services, which allows us to convert your historical medical records into one reporting format.

How easy is it to change to PHS from my existing vendor? What kind of support will I receive?

PHS will ensure a smooth transition to our company by providing Operations and Management support. A Custom Program Designer, assigned to your account, provides scheduling and logistics support to make an efficient transition.

Since PHS is based in Pennsylvania, can you service our other locations? Will there be an additional cost for travel to these sites?

PHS is a nationwide, medical services company, which can service even remote locations. Since PHS utilizes over a dozen mobile units and operates on a geographic basis, there is no additional cost due to your location.

How does your reporting work?

We provide detailed reports for individual employees and HIPAA compliant management summary reports.  When you become a client of Professional Health Services, your records are catalogued and secured by us.  We maintain records for repeated programs, allowing you to view long-term trend results that show improvements or declines over time.  We also maintain records in compliance with government regulations.

How do your costs compare to clinics/hospitals?

In most cases, PHS is less expensive than clinics or hospitals, while providing intangible cost savings, such as: eliminating off-site liabilities, reducing employee down time, reducing overtime, and providing better medical records.

Can I still utilize my local doctor/clinic for testing?

Yes. PHS works in conjunction with your local doctor/clinic to alleviate the headache of annual mass screenings, allowing you to concentrate on day-to-day safety and health issues.  Most often, we can also incorporate your local doctor or clinic’s medical reports into our centralized online reporting tool.

Can you offer a physician when my program warrants a physical exam?

Yes. Along with providing certified full-time medical technicians, PHS can provide on-site physician services to handle those exams which warrant a physician.

I use a single source company to do audio and respirator testing, can PHS combine these programs to alleviate company lost production time/costs?

Yes. PHS will help your company find solutions to combine programs and alleviate the problem of employees losing production time due to multiple time off-line to test various sole-source providers.

Who is responsible for scheduling the exams or wellness programs?

You or someone within your organization is ultimately responsible for scheduling the exams or program events.  However, your Custom Program Designer will be a great asset and offer endless support in scheduling and logistics for your program.

Professional Health Services designs a Testing Guide that we send to your company in advance of your program.  This guide includes the helpful information you need to ensure your program is a smooth success!