Mobile Employee Wellness Programs

Your employees deserve to be healthy and enjoy a high quality of life. To enable them to make healthy choices, PHS Mobile Health Solutions provides a variety of employee wellness program solutions customizable to fit your needs. Like our Occupational Health Medical Evaluation Programs, our Wellness Programs can be set up at your facility or a venue of your choice, and they can be combined with an occupational health testing program for a complete and robust employee health initiative.

Single-day wellness programs

Week-long wellness programs

Health awareness programs

Combined wellness and annual health testing programs

What Can My Wellness Program Include?

Choose the exact testing, awareness, and employee health enablement programs to suit your needs.

Isolate the biggest health risks to team members so you can make targeted improvements.

Evaluate employee health from tip to toe for a full health assessment and prevention insights.

Identify your team’s biggest health risks, and track their improvements for long-term wellness success.

Raise awareness for health risks, and empower employees with knowledge tools needed to improve health.

Give employees personalized coaching tailored to their health profile to enable wellness for life.