The Obama Administration has put corporate wellness programs like those offered by Professional Health Services (PHS) at the forefront of healthcare reform. The benefits of improving employee health not only increase productivity and decrease absenteeism, but also lower health care costs.

In a released statement, The White House comments, “Employers are discovering that improving quality of care can reduce health care costs. Small actions in the workplace can generate large benefits. [President Obama] hopes …we can improve the productivity of our workforce, delay and avoid many of the complications of chronic diseases, and slow medical cost growth.”

Professional Health Services’ nationwide wellness and health testing programs offer business and public service organizations, like fire companies, a streamlined way of participating in the initiative as outlined by The Obama Administration. Professional Health Services’ programs are brought directly to clients’ locations by mobile testing units that bring medical surveillance and wellness initiatives directly onsite. Employees can be tested quickly and are able to return to work with minimal downtime or interruption to operations.

The list of costs to business grows when employees continue to remain unaware of health risks that are affecting their work performance and their quality of life. The importance of this issue has moved beyond individuals and companies. So much so that community health centers across the country will receive $850 million in American Recovery and Reinvestment Act grants – a demonstration of true national commitment.

Michael Kleinman, President of PHS, explains, “It’s not enough to just manage chronic disease anymore. The financial and personal costs to individuals and corporations are just too great. Preventative health care must include complete wellness programs that support screenings for early risk detection, healthy diet, exercise and mental health. When people learn how to minimize their high risk categories by taking control of their own behaviors, it’s a win-win situation for individuals, employers and the entire community.”

About Professional Health Services (PHS) 

PHS provides a variety of healthcare delivery solutions and unique programs designed to meet compliance and wellness needs.  The Company’s own mobile testing units travel to clients’ individual locations, making scheduling and logistics simple.  Regardless if the program is to satisfy regulatory compliance or a wellness initative, their Program Designers work with clients to create unique programs matching their exact needs.  The secure, HIPAA-compliant reporting provided by PHS goes above and beyond what clients expect.