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Professional Health Services and the National Guard: Always Ready, Always There
Havertown, PA - October 26, 2009

All soldiers in the Army National Guard and Army Reserve must take a physical fitness test used to assess muscular endurance and cardio respiratory fitness.  A soldier’s performance in this test is strongly linked to his or her ability to do fitness-related tasks and is a crucial part in determining the readiness of a soldier to serve the country.
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Obama’s Corporate Wellness Initiatives Delivered By Professional Health Services
Havertown, PA - August 7, 2009

The Obama Administration has put corporate wellness programs like those offered by Professional Health Services (PHS) at the forefront of healthcare reform. The benefits of improving employee health not only increase productivity and decrease absenteeism, but also lower health care costs.
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National Health and Wellness Firm Launches A Push For More Awareness Of Hearing Conservation
Havertown, PA - March 18th, 2009
Noise surrounds us at home, in the car, as we’re entertained and at work – even while we sleep.  It’s no wonder why noise is one of the most pervasive health hazards found in our daily lives.  For individuals that work in environments with high noise levels, the negative effects on their hearing are deafening. 
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Despite Cost-Cutting Trends, Demand For Mobile Health Screening and Wellness Programs Skyrocket
: Havertown, PA - March 2nd, 2009
Is it possible for companies, currently seeing their customers in cost-cutting frenzies, to see remarkable growth? For Professional Health Services (PHS), a PA-based firm specializing in delivering compliance-based health testing and wellness programs to private industry, government agencies, and municipalities throughout the U.S., it certainly seems that way.  The business saw growth of more than 17% in 2008.
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