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Professional Health Services offers complete flexibility in building programs that are best for you and your budget. 

Our team of Program Designers works with each customer to design a customized solution to meet your specific health testing and/or wellness goals.  Most importantly, we create a program that fits into your budget. 

We build a trusting relationship with you and take on the responsibility of managing your program, whether it is compliance health testing, wellness programs, or both.

We develop promotional materials to support your internal efforts and assist you in marketing your program to your employees.  We’ll develop testing schedules around the shifts your employees work, minimizing or eliminating overtime costs and providing added convenience to you.  We offer compliance health testing, biometrics, lifestyles assessments, health coaching and more. 

Once the testing or wellness programs are executed, all of your records are maintained in our confidential information management system.  The reporting we provide goes above and beyond what our clients expect.

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